Model 310 Frequency Response Analyzer Specifications

The model 310 Frequency Response Analyzer system is composed of:

Model 200
  • Analyzer unit
  • Probes
  • USB and power cables
  • Software and calibration certificate

The host PC requires Windows® XP or later and a standard USB port .

High performance features
0.01 Hertz to 30 Megahertz coverage 110 dB's of dynamic range with 0.025 dB mag. and 0.2 degree phase accuracy
Up to 10,001 measurement points with linear or logarithmic frequency sweeps Automatic magnitude and phase correction compensates for test leads or fixtures
Source features
Direct digital synthesis for fast sweeps 0.01 Hertz to 30 MHz range, 0.01 Hertz resolution
Output level adjustable from 1.25 millivolts to 7.08 volts rms (20Vpp) Selectable 2 ohm or 50 ohm output impedance with 500mA peak output current
Output can be DC offset up to +/- 10 V eliminating large coupling capacitors at low measurement frequencies User programmable variable source level with frequency
Receiver features
Two channels for B/A ratioed, transfer function measurements High selectivity two stage receiver architecture for high noise immunity
Digital signal processing provides a user selectable IF bandwidth, optimizing noise immunity and measurement speed Selectable AC (>=10Hz) or DC coupling with one megohm input impedance
Inputs can be DC offset up to +/- 8 V facilitating DC coupled measurements