Model 310 Analog Frequency Response Analyzer

The Model 310 Frequency Response Analyzer is an indispensable tool for Feedback Stability Analysis, Impedance and Frequency Response Measurements.

It is composed of an integrated source/receiver unit, probes, USB and power cables, and software for a user provided Windows based computer.

Model 310 features:
  • Isolated USB Port operation from the PC
  • Automatic Swept Magnitude and Phase Measurements
  • 0.01Hz to 30MHz Frequency Range with Fast Linear or Log Sweeps
  • Real Time Windows® Data Graphing and Analyzer Control Software
  • Real Time Data Exchange with other Windows® Applications with Dynamic Data Exchange
Model 310 Frequency Response Analyzer
Model 310 benefits:
  • Reduces costs
    • Optimizes control loops
    • Avoids redesign
    • Shortens test time
  • Improves Product Quality
    • Helps ensure product stability
    • Can design more reliable magnetics
  • Optimizes performance
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